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New version


I published a new version of Eye Trainer with some appearance changes and new features.

  • Facebook share – in the lite version of Eye Trainer after you completed the daily training, you can post it on your Facebook wall! This is also supported in the pro version after each training. In the future you will able to post the result of your color blindness test on your wall!
  • Multiple Alarm reminder - from now you can set 2 alarm reminders instead of 1. Let me know if more is needed and I add more reminders
  • Options menu shows the reminder times – this comes handy when you forget the alarm times.
  • Exit button removed in lite version – unnecessary feature since you can also end the application with the physical BACK button. The pro version has one less button on the main screen so it leaves place for it and you don’t have to scroll down. I haven’t removed it there.
In addition I made a new icon a few days ago but the feature picture on the market has just been ready, so it has also changed.
Have fun with the new version! And thank you for all my users especially for those who gave me advice and tips! Please let me know here if you have any suggestions relating to my application.
Akos Farago

Pro version out!


I published the pro version of the Eye Trainer including 9 useful training with new exercises! You can download it here. I would like to thank you all the great comments that you write me from day to day not mention the ratings! It is really a good feeling that so many people rate it 5 star :)

The trainings from the new version:

- DAILY TRAINING: the same 6-7 minutes training that the lite version contains for everyday eye care
- FULL EYE MASSAGE: release the tension and energize your eyes when you feel tired, wonderful results with eye massage!
- EYE YOGA: improve your focus while emptying your mind and release the stress with this 5 minutes yoga exercises
- RELEASE HEADACHE: stop your headache with some great relaxing techniques
- NEARSIGHTEDNESS (MYOPIA): reduce the symptoms of myopia with a specialized training for it
- FARSIGHTEDNESS (HYPEROPIA): a vision training known to provide very good results reducing it
- DOUBLE VISION: do you feel dizzy or have a double vision? Exercises against them
- DOMINANT EYE: everybody has a dominant eye which works a little bit harder than the other, find yours!
- COLOR BLINDNESS TEST: the short version of the famous eye color blindness test

So it can be used now against many eye disorders or if you need to relax or energize your eyes. You can also relieve stress with the eye yoga exercises or check if you have any sign of color blindness with a 15-step eye test! In the future many more features will be added so any ideas or suggestions are appreciated (you can write it here in comment)! If you write me an e-mail I try to answer in 24 hours :)

Purchase the pro version today!

Akos Farago


Eye Trainer blog starts!

Hi everyone!

I am creating this blog for the my eye trainer app on the android market. This contains 12 great eye exercises that will instantly refresh your eyes. You can also reach great results in reducing the symptoms of some eye disorder like myopia (nearseightedness), diplopia(double vision) or eye fatigue!

Download it today and preserve your eye health from now! It is only 6-7 minute every day and you will immediately see the results. Anyway the office work does harm to your eyes every single day so this app has been created that you can do it anytime and anywhere :)

Since the app has been out for a month now it is not the only reason that I started the blog now. Soon there will be an exciting new version of my app with many more features! Maybe this week but I’d say it will be out in a week surely.

Thank you for reading it!

Akos Farago